Choosing the right preschool for your child could be a daunting task, but at Bright Path Inclusive Preschool, we want to help make that decision easier.

With the uniqueness of each and every child in mind, our hope is to create a warm-hearted, holistic environment that fosters learning and growth for every child. We believe in an all-inclusive approach that places great emphasis on creativity in the classroom and specialized education plans that are not as rigid as traditional preschools.

A Tailored Education For Your Child

Here at Bright Path Inclusive Preschool, we’ve advanced past common academic practices that are often outdated. Instead of focusing on the formal diagnosis, our teachers look at each child’s respective strengths and build on those.

That’s how we design a Personalised Education Plan (PEP) for each student, which provides the most ideal learning program that’s uniquely suited to your child. Our PEPs support the childrens’ educational outcomes in the way that best matches their talents, maximizing the academic achievements that they’re capable of.

In order to do this, we maintain a small teacher to child ratio: one teacher for every three children in Seed class, one teacher to every three children in Bud class and one teacher to every six children in Flower class.

This small ratio ensures that each child receives the care and attention they deserve. This is how we develop a deep understanding with our students and conduct lessons that are in their best interests and benefit.

A Learning Experience Like No Other

Equine-assisted therapy is one of the non-academic learning methods outside of the classroom that we use to teach children. As children are riding, brushing and feeding the horses, it helps to build their gross motor skills and instill self-confidence within themselves.

To help children with added needs, we also provide an outdoor sensory pathway that serves as a learning experience. By walking on this experiential pathway and getting accustomed to their sensory distractions, these little ones learn to focus and manage their elevated senses better.

Creativity in the Classroom

Children possess vast imaginations that know no bounds and harnessing this creativity is one of the ways where we can impart a truly exceptional education to the little ones. For example, instead of traditionally filling out a worksheet, children are encouraged to solve math problems by fishing the correct answers (made of floating foam) out of a filled water trough with a net.

Interactive storytelling is another example. Using storybooks and other visual learning aids, children will understand concepts in a fun and impressionable manner. After all, if your child likes the learning material, remembering is much easier and far more effective!

Through understanding every child’s disposition, capabilities, and talents, we can fully maximize your child’s creativity while staying attentive to their particular needs. We open the doors to a highly enriching experience that will allow your child to be more motivated to become a highly engaged learner.

After all, every child is perfectly capable of shining bright—just that some kids just need a little extra help in getting there! Don’t just read about us, experience a day at Bright Path yourself. Explore our school and arrange for a visit today. We’ll be glad to take you on a tour.