This Is What  Your Child Deserves

We partner with you to give your child the dignity which all people deserve.
We want you to be proud parents who celebrate your child's gifts and abilities which we can discover together.
We believe your child can have an equal opportunity to shine in society.

Our Six Promises

We Find Their Unique Learning Abilities

Our psychologist, educators, and professional therapists evaluate your child's strengths and needs and create a unique curriculum that intentionally capitalizes on their potential to develop the skills needed to succeed in life.

We Provide Inclusive Early Intervention

While parents often ferry their children to therapy sessions at different locations. Bright Path incorporates therapy services into the curriculum, maximising the opportunities for your child to practise the essential skills in his/her daily routines. With in-house professional therapists on site, we offer a one-stop solution in meeting your child's added needs.

We Offer Access to Mainstream Education

We take the worry of stressful school transfers off by seamlessly integrating your child into one of the 61 Busy Bees preschools all over Singapore.

We Encourage Learning in An Experiential Environment

Close to nature, our preschool is safe and away from the noisy hustle of the city. Utilising a thematic approach, we transform our classroom décor and layout to help your child learn holistically. Also, our outdoor play area, a neighbouring horse stable and fresh herb garden allow your child to learn in a fun and naturalistic environment.

We Attend and Respond Warmly

Our teachers speak to your children with respect and dignity. Our class ratios are kept small to provide close attention to their growing needs. Our ratio is 1:3 for children with added needs.

We Respect and Partner You

Many parents approach us with questions about raising their child right. Parenting can sometimes seem confusing, challenging and overwhelming. With your permission, we are here to show you some practical steps in helping your child develop as we share this journey together.