Our Shared Values


We believe children from all backgrounds deserves the right to be loved, respected and nurtured.

Endless Possibilities

We believe in bringing out the endless and extraordinary potential in all children.


We believe partnership between families, educators and professionals helps children achieve excellence and success.


We believe children grow to be who they can be in a welcoming, safe and respectful learning environment.


We believe grooming independent and successful children is a shared responsibility between families, schools and communities.

Our Team

Julia Teo

Deputy Director of Operations, Busy Bees Asia

“A life once given, deserves the very best everyone can offer.”


  • 3 decades of early childhood experience
  • Masters in Education Management (Hon)

Tricia Tam

Associate Psychologist

“Inclusive education embraces the uniqueness of every child and the value they bring to the classroom.”


  • 14 years in early childhood field, with 8 years within special education
  • Specialized in child psychology and special education

Iqlimah Zain

Centre Principal

"Every child learns at a different pace however learning can only be an exciting journey when a child is in the right place, with the right people."


  • 15 years of early childhood experience

John Woodward

Chief Excecutive Officer, Busy Bees Group

“It’s always going to be about finding the right people – people who are committed to providing the very best outcomes for children. Simple.”


  • Founding Member of Busy Bees
  • Honorary Doctorate from Birmingham City University
  • Awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire)

Margaret Randles

Managing Director, UK

“Our purpose is to continue to create better outcomes for each and every child.”


  • Founding Member of Busy Bees
  • Qualified teacher of children with multiple complex needs
  • Awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire)

June Rusdon

Chief Executive Officer, Busy Bees Asia

“Every kid is unique. Don’t compare the progress of one child to another because it regresses the plan that teachers put in place.”


  • Over 3 decades of leadership in early childhood industry
  • Founded and conceptualised Learning Vision and Odyssey The Global Preschool
  • Expanded operations into Malaysia and China