Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information

1. Who is Bright Path?

Bright Path Preschool is an inclusive childcare centre, providing high-quality childcare for children with additional developmental and learning needs, in a nurturing environment that allows integration and regular interaction with typically developing peers. The centre provides 7-to-7 day care, 5 days a week, with early intervention (Bright Path EIP) incorporated into the base preschool programme.

The centre draws on Busy Bees’ 30-year experience as a provider of premium childcare services, coupled with knowhow offered by industry experts on early intervention. By combining childcare and early intervention services under one roof, Bright Path seeks to address the logistical hassle and costs of dual-schooling that many families have to put up with. The centre will have an operating capacity of between 50 to 70 children.

Our Philosophy

The name Bright Path is synonymous with our aspirations of providing the bright path for children who learn differently, so that inherent early limitations do not stand in their way of development and getting the rightful opportunity for a full and meaningful life.

Every child has his/ her talents and approaches learning in different ways, at different pace. Our role at Bright Path would be to facilitate and provide equal opportunities for every child to maximise his/ her potential with the right level of sustained scaffolding for eventual assimilation into society. We believe every child has the ability to be successful in life, and we seek to find and nurture the unique ability and interest each child has for success. We believe also that every child has the right to a place in mainstream society, and through the programmes we provide at Bright Path, we endeavour to champion this right.


To be a leading quality provider of inclusive, individualised early childhood education and day care services for children of all abilities.

  • To provide customised care and early childhood education
  • To provide evidence-based practices
  • To provide family-centred practices through interdisciplinary approaches
  • To create conducive teaching and learning environments
  • To develop trained and qualified teaching and profession staff
  • To integrate children into various community settings and provide suitable educational placements
2. What services does Bright Path provide?

Full day childcare services for both children with additional developmental and learning needs as well as typically developing children in a beautiful environment. The school has in-house assessment, psychology and therapy services incorporated to provide early intervention for children with additional needs.

3. What is Busy Bees’ track record?

Busy Bees is an UK group set up more than 30 years ago, wholly dedicated to the running of preschools globally. We have to date close to 500 wholly-owned preschools in the UK, Canada and Asia. Busy Bees is the owner of a few well-known preschool brands in Singapore including Odyssey the Global Schoolhouse, Learning Vision, Pat’s Schoolhouse, Brighton Montessori and Small Wonder. We also own and run the Asian International College, an institution for preschool teachers and principals in Singapore.

Curriculum and Learning Programmes

1. What is the curriculum or approaches to learning?
  • Age-appropriate comprehensive and challenging learning programmes
  • Combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated learning
  • We adopt a hands-on and active learning approach
  • Our curriculum approach is integrated where themes are interconnected
  • The learning outcome is process-oriented
2. What will my child learn in the centre?

Bright Path’s comprehensive curriculum includes the following domains:

  • Self and Social Awareness
  • Adaptive Skills
  • Physical and Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Communication and Language
  • Numeracy
  • Aesthetic and Creative Expression

Bright Path’s curriculum is supplemented by programmes (depending on the abilities and needs of your child) such as but not limited to (as we continue to seek relevant programmes to support the learning of children of all abilities):

  • Picture Talk
  • Finger Plays
  • Show ‘N’ Tell
  • Busy Hands
  • Artworks
  • Young Scientist
  • IT Bytes
  • Letterland
  • Hands-on Math
  • Story Stretchers
  • MathQuest
  • Literacy Links
  • Play Works
  • EQ Literacy
  • Gym Works
  • Rhythm ‘N’ Moves
  • Project Hub
3. How will my child benefit from these activities and programme?
  • The components of our curriculum are designed to enable children to develop in 2 key areas: Holistic development and academic development.
  • Holistic development focuses on building the child’s confidence, social skill, physical fitness, cognitive thinking and language development.
  • Academic development focuses on reading, writing and Mathematics.
  • In all, our curriculum aims to develop a holistic child who is school ready and demonstrates a strong passion for life-long learning.
  • Language, numeracy, adaptive/independent living skills, social interaction and play skills, therapy for learning, play and emotional regulation.
4. What are some of the specific personalised learning plans for the children? Do you have an example of how therapists, experienced specialists, dieticians and psychologists to develop specialised therapies such as psychological, speech and language are integrated into the curriculum?

Each child will have a personalised education plan PEP based on our staffs’ observation of his learning needs and daily living skills. Goals and activities planned for the PEP will be designed with input and collaboration from the whole team of specialists, and focus on helping the child meet his milestones by building on his current strengths. Every professional will have a part to play throughout the entire PEP process from observation to implementation and review/assessment.

5. Are there any specific social experiences and or learning programmes for children that will encourage mixing between normal children and those with learning difficulties (eg. horse therapy and etc)

Each of our classes will do their daily routines and activities together regardless of their profile of different learning needs. There will also be field trips, sibling programs, intra-school events (e.g. sports/family day, school performance) and inter-school events (e.g. activities with, visit to/from other Busy Bees schools)

6. How will my child benefit from the activities and programmes?

Bright Path and its collective 30 years of global experience in preschool education is equipped to look after their child and partner with them to bring about the best outcomes possible.

  • Bright Path Preschool understands that every child is unique and has different learning pace, hence we craft individualised education plans for your child’s needs, seeing each child based on their potential and nurturing them to be future leaders and citizen of the world.
  • Using all the expertise we have from Busy Bees’ extensive early childhood experience, together with early intervention techniques, occupational therapists, speech & language pathology, dieticians, psychologists, developmental enhancement assessment and social experiences such as equine-assisted therapy, Bright Path strives to provide your child with an equal start in life.
  • We will work closely with educators and professionals to allow every moment to reveal the truth in your child’s potential, especially during difficult scenarios and allow them to be used as an opportunity to overcome and convert into a collective strength in both child and parent.
7. What is the centre’s teacher-child ratio?

The teacher to student ratio will depend on your child’s abilities and needs, although a typical ratio is at 1:3.

8. How is Bright Path working with parents and the community to enhance the children’s development?

As part of engaging families in the intervention process, family participation and communication is essential. Regular, timely communication with the family regarding the child’s progress, intervention strategies, concerns, etc. will be conducted. On a periodic basis, we will require caregivers to be present in the classroom together with the child. This serves to better impart intervention skills to parents, given that they are their primary caregiver outside of the school environment. Various strategies and measures will be taken to involve and equip caregivers with the necessary skills and knowledge so that they can better support their child(ren) with special needs. These include:

Frequent communication between teachers and caregivers:

  • Through SMS and face-to-face interactions
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

Home Visits:
Home visits are done during the first month of the new admission. For existing students, the home visit is carried out once a year. Two teachers or a teacher with a fellow team member will make the home visit for the new student. The purpose of the first home visit is also to understand the routines of the child at home, to make better formulate the IEP. Coaching and intervention strategies will also be taught to the caregiver.

The centre plans to work with other stakeholders in the community to better support children with special needs and their families in the following ways:

  • Where necessary, conduct case conferences with stakeholders (e.g. hospitals) regarding intervention and transition plans for children
  • Supporting partners in terms of managing challenging behaviours of the children across different settings (e.g. sharing of intervention strategies from Bright Path EIP teachers to teachers in other Busy Bees preschools)
  • Development of a therapy and EI Hub providing out-sourced services to other preschools
  • Working with MSF and ECDA to expand the number of such centres across the island, to better match supply with demand
  • Leveraging on our panel experts to raise awareness for early intervention and inclusion via public education presentations

Early Intervention Services

1. What are early intervention services?

Early intervention services cater to children aged 6 and below. Early intervention provides therapy and educational support services for infants and young children with special education needs (SEN).

Early intervention aims to facilitate the development of motor, communication, social, self-help and cognitive skills in young children to support them in developing their full potential. Early intervention involves working directly with the child as well as making accommodations to the learning environment and most importantly partnering with his/ her family to promote consistent learning across different contexts.

2. Why is early intervention important?

Some children might have exceptional/ extraordinary learning needs. Sometimes, they find it difficult to cope with traditional instruction methods in school or get misunderstood as a result. Learning delays and disorders can drastically impact the livelihood and well-being of a person’s future. Children with learning delays and disorders may encounter difficulties in coping with mainstream education or taking care of themselves independently. This often place a toll on their caregivers who may have to invest in more resources to support their learning and/ or living as time passes. The effects of learning disorders however, can be reduced, and sometimes even circumvented depending on their type and severity, if intervention is started EARLY and CONSISTENTLY.

3. Who qualifies for early intervention services at Bright Path?

All children will be screened to assess their suitability for enrolment prior to registration. The results of the screening will be used to evaluate their learning abilities and needs for the purpose of determining their suitability for Bright Path. Only children who are deemed capable of benefitting from the programmes at Bright Path will be enrolled. These may include children with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay, Developmental Delay, Speech and Language Delay.

4. How can I find out if my child is eligible for early intervention services?

At Bright Path, we provide early intervention services to any children who have been deemed to benefit from it.

However, in order to qualify for early intervention services at other early intervention centres, parents will need to schedule for an assessment with a doctor from the Child Development Unit (CDU) at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), National University Hospital (NUH) or Singapore General Hospital (SGH), or a private paediatrician.

5. How are the early intervention services delivered?

Early intervention services are delivered through the school’s day-to-day routine, by a team of trained specialists. Home-based early intervention strategies will be provided to parents/ caregivers to support you in facilitating your child’s learning outside of the school setting. The early intervention team of interdisciplinary professionals (EI Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Speech & Language Therapist) will provide intervention and family support services based on the needs of each child and his/ her family. Teaching will be conducted by teachers in small groups within a classroom setting. The classroom environment, teaching style and tools used may be augmented to meet the learning needs of your child.

6. Are there extra costs for these services, or is it included in the school fees?

There are no extra charges for group-based therapy programmes which are intended to facilitate inclusion to the largest extent permissible. The school fees include group early intervention services. However, if one-on-one therapy is recommended, based on the individual circumstances of each child, there may be additional charges for such therapy services, which will be subject to approval by parents.



1. Does my child have to go through assessment before enrolment?

There will be a pre-enrolment screening.

2. What will my child be assessed on during the pre-enrolment assessment?

Communication, adaptive, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and social skills.

3. Who do I contact regarding the pre-enrolment assessment outcome?

Parents may contact the school administration

4. What are the fees for the pre-enrolment assessment?

The fees payable for mandatory pre-registration assessment is S$1,000.00 (before GST).

School Term

5. How frequent will my child be assessed during school term?

Your child’s progress will be monitored on a daily basis to guide the PEP Review assessment which will occur once every 6 months.

6. What will my child be assessed on during the school term?

Bright Path PEP curriculum as well as other relevant therapy protocols deemed necessary by our therapists.

7. What happens after the assessment during the school term?

Results of routine assessment (i.e. PEP review) will be explained during PTC.

Learning Facilities

1. What are the learning facilities that Bright Path Preschool will be providing?

The learning facilities that Bright Path provides include:

  • Speech and occupational therapy
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Classrooms with structured and naturalistic learning environment
  • Safe and quality outdoor play
  • Quality play and learning materials that stimulate development of cognitive and play skills
  • Child/disability-friendly toilets, furniture, kitchen etc.
  • Learning-aids: PECS, AAC, writing/holding/feeding aids
  • Gym – Inclusive/for all ages/disabilities
  • IT/multimedia facilities
2. Any examples of open spaces for learning activities/ social experiences that BP will roll out that is unique?

Some of the more unique open spaces for learning/ social experiences offered by BP include:

  • Vast greenery and open grounds on Fairways Drive, including the stables at Bukit Timah Saddle Club
  • Outdoor wooden play structure and garden
  • Sand-pit
  • Outdoor trampoline
  • Indoor occupational therapy room

Transition Plans

1. Are there any continuity or transition plans for children who graduate from Bright Path?

As in other preschools, children who has attained primary school age at Bright Path will be prepared for progression to either mainstream primary or special education schools.

For children who are assessed to be capable of making the transition to mainstream environment prior to primary school age, referrals will also be made to one of the sixty Busy Bees preschools within Singapore for transfer. This would be on the premise of ongoing developmental support and that the transfer will be beneficial to the development of the child.

Bright Path Staff

1. What is the full staff strength at Bright Path?

The teaching and early intervention staff strength at full capacity will be 28.

2. Are there any specific training or qualification for the educators that will be working at Bright Path Preschool (anything that is more than industry requirements)

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and/or ADECI for teachers and EI specialists, AEPS, RBI, Letterland, FAIC accreditation/certification.

Enrolment Procedures

1. What are the eligibility criteria for enrolment?

See above.

2. What payments and documents are necessary upon confirmation of enrolment?

One month’s fees payable in advance and one month’s deposit will be collected at the point of registration. Documents to be submitted include child’s birth certificate, parent’s NRIC/ passport, child’s immunisation and health records from birth, past developmental assessment records.

3. What are the charges and what does it include?

The monthly fees payable will be S$2,850 and is inclusive of childcare services on a daily basis from 7am to 7pm, Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays and schedule centre closure days). The fees are also inclusive of the development of individual education plans and ongoing early intervention group-based therapies.

4. Does the centre charge for days when the child is sick or when he/she is on vacation?

Fees are payable on a monthly basis and are not refundable even when the child is absent from school.

5. Is there a trial period?

Based on the information provided in the Application Form and following your visit, the School will decide if your child can proceed with a 1 to 3-day class trial. A trial is an integral component of our Admissions process. It allows your child to try us out and gives us the opportunity to assess your child for a potential fit. Fees payable during the trial period will be pro-rated.

6. What happens after the trial period? Will my child be automatically enrolled in the centre?

Upon the expiry of the trial period, it will be at the school’s discretion to decide if an extended trial period is required for the child. If no further trial periods are needed, the child will be enrolled in Bright Path.

7. Will there a briefing for new parents?

Communications will be an ongoing process between the centre and parents, at the start of the programme and at regular intervals during the programme.

8. How many days per week is the program and is there flexibility as to how many days/hours you enrol your child?

The programme is 5 days per week and there are currently no flexi-options due to limited spaces.

9. Do you offer before and after school hour’s care?

The centre is a registered childcare centre for children aged 3 to 6. We do not offer services for children above 6 years old.

10. Is there a charge if parents pick their child up late?

To encourage punctuality, there will be an administrative charge for pick-ups after 7pm. A late charge fee of $10.00 is payable for every block of 15 minutes or part thereof based on per child basis

11. If I wish to withdraw my child after making payments, will there be a refund?

There is no refund of monthly fees paid. In the event you wish to withdraw your child from Bright Path Preschool or transfer him/her to another centre, you are required to give at least one (1) calendar month’s advance written notice of withdrawal/transfer. This shall only apply in the months of January till October. Two (2) months’ notice is required for the remaining months; failing which your school deposit will be forfeited. You should also submit this written notice of withdrawal/transfer no later than the 1st day of the month. Otherwise, the said notice can only take effect the following month.

12. If a child is currently at the centre, does a sibling automatically get in?

Siblings of children enrolled in the centre will be accorded priority for enrolment, so long as there are vacancies.

13. Is transportation offered at Bright Path?

Transportation between home and the centre can be arranged through Bright Path.

14. Is there a nurse at Bright Path?

There are no nurses at the centre but all early childhood educators are first-aid trained.

Subsidies Scheme

1. What are the eligibility criteria for the subsidy scheme?

Every Singaporean and Singapore PR child will be entitled to childcare subsidies in accordance with ECDA guidelines.

2. How much subsidy is given?

The basic childcare subsidy is between S$150 to S$300 per child depending on citizenship and employment status of the mother. Additional childcare subsidies may be available for families with household income of S$7,500 or per capita income of S$1,875 and below.

3. How can I apply for the subsidy?

Basic subsidies will be granted automatically based on each child’s eligibility. Please speak with our administrator to find out more about additional subsidies.

Health and Safety

1. What is the centre’s approach when a child falls sick?
  • The parents are advised not to bring their child to the centre
  • Home rest allows the children to recover faster
  • Staying away from the centre protects the other children
2. What will the centre do when a child falls sick?
  • Teachers will attend to the child’s needs
  • Isolate the child to allow rest
  • Sponge bath if he/ she has fever
  • Parents will be contacted to take the child home or to see a doctor
  • While waiting for parents to come, the child’s condition will be monitored
  • If parents or relatives are not able to come and the child’s condition is serious, the centre may seek medical attention on the parent’s behalf
  • Cost of medical treatment will be borne by parents
3. What measures does the centre take to ensure the children’s safety and well-being?
  • Health check
    • upon arrival each morning to detect signs of sickness
  • Pick up
    • only authorised persons are allowed to pick up children
  • Medication
    • administered only when it is directly prescribed for the child
    • Parents must provide written authorisation and full instructions in the ‘Medication Book’
  • Entrance / exit doors
    • closed at all times and latches locked from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Fire Drill
    • conducted every 6 months to train children and staff on what do in case of fire
  • School Attire
    • Children must be in school uniform whilst in the centre at all times. This helps to identify children when outdoors or during excursions
  • Jewellery & Toys
    • not permitted in the centre
  • Teachers
    • at least 1 teacher is present in classroom at all times
  • Visitors
    • Will be accompanied at all times
  • Cleaning
    • Toilets are cleaned at least once a day
    • Toys and mattresses are cleaned at least once a week

Communication with Parents

1. How frequent does the centre update the parents on the children’s progress?

The centre updates parents almost daily through Little Lives, a child management/ parent communication phone application. In addition to the above, there are home visits, periodic parent-teachers’ conferences, ad-hoc meetings where needed to keep parents abreast of their children’s development progress.

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