Early childhood education plays a huge role in the mental and social development of any young child.

Children who enrol in preschools have been observed to have better social skills, higher grades and fewer behavioural problems as they progress into adulthood.

In this vein, Singapore’s early childhood education sector has been rapidly developing with such preschools. At Bright Path Preschool, we are an inclusive preschool with a vision to bring holistic education to all young children, from inclusive early intervention to mainstream education.

Founded by Busy Bees in July 2018, Bright Path Preschool caters to all children, including those with added needs. The curriculum is flexible and tailored for each child according to their needs to enhance their learning experience.

We do not follow traditional teaching techniques. Instead, we incorporate more creative methods to engage the children in learning. Some examples of these methods include using a water trough filled with floating foam numbers, where children have to use a net for fishing out the answers to math problems. Children are also free to scribble their work on mirrors or furniture instead of being forced to sit quietly at a table.

By making learning fun and flexible, Bright Path Preschool increases children’s interest in school and motivates them to learn as much as they can, in the way that’s suited for them.

With speech and occupational therapists as well as an in-house psychologist on board, Bright Path Preschool also offers early intervention therapy. This form of therapy is for children with added needs, where we help them to make steady progress towards reintegrating into mainstream classrooms. To ensure that each child receives the attention they need, there is one teacher for every three students. That’s not all; the view from the classrooms is scenic, and the students can also see the horses that the nearby stable owns – this keeps them excited to learn and stay in a good mood all day.

What A Day Is Like For A Child At Bright Path

Russell Foo is a bright, energetic five-year-old who was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Due to his particular needs, he was unable to focus and learn in a traditional classroom and was performing poorly both academically and socially. Since starting at Bright Path preschool, he has become much happier and motivated about attending school. He has even mastered fine motor skills such as writing!

Now, let’s take a look at the various activities at Bright Path Preschool that Russell Foo and other students participate regularly.

Daily activities at the school

1. Horse riding

This is a form of therapy known as equine-assisted therapy. It helps the children develop gross motor skills as they get used to the feel of different terrains when they ride the horse. They will also be in charge of brushing and feeding their horses, which will help them build self-confidence and learn how to become responsible.

2. Water play during classes

The calming sound of water will enhance the children’s focus and help keep them calm and relaxed even when working on more difficult tasks. It also makes learning more fun!

3. Sensory pathway

This outdoor pathway is made up of several different textures, including grass and pebbles. Added needs children with elevated sensory perceptions often struggle to ignore sensory distractions and frequently lose focus or get stressed, whether in a school setting or otherwise. This sensory pathway will help them become more accustomed to these sensory distractions and learn to manage them better. It will also help them learn to focus despite sensory distractions, which is undoubtedly an invaluable skill.

4. Therapy-assisted lessons

Speech and occupational therapy will be available for students who require it. An in-house psychologist will also assist in creating a specialised education plan for each student while taking any added needs into account. This creates an effective learning experience for every student, motivates them to attend their classes, and enables them to showcase their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses.

5. Activities with students from other Busy Bees preschools

This will help the students develop social skills and make new friends as they interact with several other students their age. It’s also a lot of fun!

Overall, our goal is to offer effective education to all children and facilitate their mental and social development with the use of fun and creative teaching methods. We use early intervention therapy for young children with added needs with the aim of reintegrating them into the regular education system. When students are ready, they have the option of transferring to a different Busy Bees school to continue their education.

Instead of focusing on formal diagnoses, we identify each child’s learning needs, regardless of whether they are considered to have added needs, and create an adaptive education plan that is specialised for them.

By emphasizing developing each student’s strengths rather than berating them for their weaknesses, we foster a positive learning environment for everyone. We also focus on building self-confidence and self-esteem to increase the students’ motivation to learn as well as develop their social skills. This approach has proven to be highly successful, with positive feedback from children of various backgrounds.

Since starting at Bright Path Preschool, Russell Foo has shown tremendous improvement in both his academics and social skills. Not only that – he is much happier and enjoys attending his classes.

Once a shy, withdrawn young boy who had trouble making friends and could barely hold a pencil, Russell now socialises happily and can proudly write his full name out!

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